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Zerust Excor VCI Technology

ZERUSTĀ® is a line of volatile corrosion inhibiting(VCI) materials

The ZERUST® anticorrosion products contain proprietary chemical formulations that release invisible, odourless and non-toxic corrosion inhibiting vapour molecules into the air.

The ZERUST® vapour molecules will settle on exposed metal surfaces in an enclosure, and interrupt the electrochemical corrosion process. Simply place metal parts into ZERUST® packaging and seal it tightly.

Within a few hours the interior of the package will be saturated with ZERUST® vapour molecules and a powerful corrosion inhibiting molecular layer will form on all exposed metal surfaces. You now have a reliable corrosion protection against environmental stresses for years!

Later, when the part is removed from the ZERUST® packaging, the ZERUST® corrosion inhibiting molecular layer will immediately proceed to vapourise into the atmosphere.

This leaves behind a clean, dry and corrosion free part that is ready for immediate use and requires no further cleaning or handling.

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