VCI Kraft Packaging Paper

Zerust Abrigo Corrosion Protection Paper combines the proven properties of a traditional packaging material with the known good corrosion protection action of Zerust for metals.

Abrigo is a first-class Kraft paper with solid usage properties. It is strong, flexible, abrasion-proof and easy to use. Both sides provide effective VCI protection and prevent application errors.

It is manufactured in accordance with a process patented for Zerust. A VCI coating is formed on all paper fibres across the entire paper cross-section. This layer contains the Zerust corrosion protection active substances and emits them in a regulated manner. In the process, the paper retains it’s packaging-specific properties. It does not rub off and is dry. The regulated emission of the corrosion protection active substances provides a definitely prolonged duration of action. The corrosion protection properties are in accordance with the requirements of TL-8135-0002, Level 3.

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