A global specialist in steel pipes and pipe and tube applications

We started working with a global specialist in steel pipes and tube applications in 2018 when we were initially asked to provide them with a packaging solution as an alternative to the material they were using at the time.

As a UK supplier of Nordic Woodfibre we were able to offer the company a more cost-effective solution – Nolco-Rib, hard fibre strips which protects surfaces against shock and impact. In addition, we also provided a stock and supply service to eliminate any lead time issues.

We were also tasked to review the steel strapping it used on its products and were able provide an alternative solution which was thinner in thickness but still offered the same high strength and provided the company with good cost savings.

We have continued to develop a relationship with the team and now supply a range of packaging solutions. After initially dealing with its Middlesbrough site, we now also supply Nolco-Rib to its West Midlands site.

To find out how the Taylor Packaging team can help with your packaging needs, call us on 01388 420 555 or email [email protected].

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