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We have been a key packaging supplier for a North East-based wallpaper business since 2013. Over the years we have supplied a range of packaging solutions including tape, pallet wrap and corrugated paper.

We have also worked closely with its team to provide innovative solutions to challenges they faced with existing packaging. For example, the company was experiencing an issue with its brown packing tape not sticking correctly to the packaging when packed in its warehouse in colder conditions. The team sought Taylor Packaging’s advice and as a solution we recommended an electronic automatic tape dispenser which applies a water activated paper tape to the packaging. This type of tape dries within seconds of it being applied to the packaging, so even in colder conditions it won’t move about.

The company trialled one of our electronic automatic tape dispensers for two weeks and were very pleased with the results. They identified this solution was more efficient and cost effective than its previous methods. The large tape capacity which reduced how often the tape had to be loaded, coupled with the fast tape output of 45inches per second resulted in a faster application process. There was also a reduction in the amount of tape utilised during application.

As the solution we recommended met their requirement perfectly, the company purchased five electronic automatic tape dispensers, one for each of its workstations.

To find out how the Taylor Packaging team can help with your packaging needs, call us on 01388 420 555 or email [email protected].

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