A leading global supplier of viscous dampers

We have delivered packaging solutions to a leading global supplier of viscous dampers for industrial and marine applications, since 2011.

We were initially approached by the Swedish partner of our sister company Zerust UK, which provides corrosion protection products and services. We took samples of the wash solution that was used to clean the components that the customer manufactured and checked for cleanliness issues and reviewed the pack design for corrosion prevention. Following our analysis, we provided recommendations which the company agreed, and we implemented.

Our relationship with the customer has strengthened over the years, and we have continued to support the company as it manufactures different components for its OEM customers. We worked closely with the customer’s team, suggesting new pack designs for corrugated and honeycomb board and supported with the prototype process. This, coupled with our competitively priced products which led to cost savings for the company, resulted in Taylor Packaging becoming a key packaging supplier.

To find out how the Taylor Packaging team can help with your packaging needs, call us on 01388 420 555 or email [email protected].

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