A Worldwide Lighting Solutions Manufacturer and Supplier

We have been providing bespoke packaging solutions to a lighting manufacturer and supplier for many years.

The company is well known worldwide for its dependable, high-quality and efficient lighting solutions.

Over the years its team has utilised our knowledge and expertise for advice on packaging solutions for its newly developed and acquired products. Our team of specialists have conducted onsite visits to discuss specific requirements, advise on what they feel is the right packaging solution for the product and provide samples to trial.

We supply the company with a range of packaging solutions including anti-static bags to safely store and transport its electronic items. We have a good relationship with the client and continue to manage its long list of orders efficiently and deliver stock on time. Over time we have built a trusted and reliable reputation with the company and this is reflected in the way its teams contacts us whenever they face any packaging challenges, as we have previously always been able to find a suitable and effective solution.

To find out how the Taylor Packaging team can help with your packaging needs, call us on 01388 420 555 or email [email protected].

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