An Outdoor Power Products Manufacturer

We have provided packaging solutions to a North East-based manufacturer for over 40 years and in that time, we have become a key packaging partner.

Over the years, the company’s packaging requirements have changed as the company has grown and diversified into new markets such as the automotive sector.

In recent years we have introduced a Kanban system to manage the stock and supply of products. This helps the company ensure there are no breaks in the supply to their production and packing lines.

The Kanban system enables us to manage the company’s requirements daily, our team receives a list outlining the products required and any deadlines. Taylor Packaging holds, monitors and replenishes its stock and depending on the business’s requirements, we can deliver products to its site up to 3 or 4 times per day. We supply a wide range of packaging from foam rolls, foam profiles, bags, bubble wrap to tape and foam protection.

We have also worked closely with the company’s team on various projects including trialing new products and introducing new packaging lines. Our customer centric approach coupled with our understanding of its requirements has led our businesses to grow and succeed together.

To find out how the Taylor Packaging team can help with your packaging needs, call us on 01388 420 555 or email [email protected].

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