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    Battery Powered Strapping Tools

    TVX12-LI | TVX16-LI


    The TVX Li-ion battery powered tool is one of the fastest on the market – in less than three seconds, the strap is tensioned, sealed and cut.

    The ergonomic and rugged design assists maximum operator comfort, with minimal effort. Packages such as boxes, pallets, bales and crates can be safely strapped. Strap feeding is extremely simple, with both straps being inserted together.

    The TVX has an exceptional tension range and applies up to 240kg (2400N) with ease. The flexible sealing mode allows you to choose from semi-automatic or single button fully automatic operation.


    • Strap type compatibility: Polyester: 0.4mm – 1.05mm
    • Polypropylene: 0.7mm – 1.05mm
    • Strap width: 12/16mm – please specify when ordering
    • Strap tension: Adjustable up to 240kg (2400N)

    ZXT12 | ZXT16 | ZXT19


    • Patented brushless single motor design provides extremely long service life
    • New 18V 4000mAh high-capacity battery
    • Patented strap gripper design for improved tension

    Tension range:
    ZXT12 & ZXT16 – 250kg and ZXT19 – 400kg

    • Soft mode for light or fragile packages
    • Lightest model in its class (3.5kg including battery)
    • Pre-programmed touch panel with digital signal to suit different applications
    • Suitable for polypropylene* and polyester strapping
    • Extremely simple strap feed, with both straps being inserted together
    • Strap is tensioned, sealed and cut quickly and efficiently


    • Simple and reliable to use
    • Higher battery capacity provides increased productivity
    • Single handed operation


    • Strap type compatibility: PP or PET
    • Strapping thickness range: 0.65 – 1.27mu
    • Strapping cycles per charge: 440*
    • Tool weight including battery: 3.5kg
    • Tool dimensions (with battery): 330 x 150 x 125mm
    • Battery charger voltage: 230V
    • Recharge time: 30 minutes*Please note strapping cycles of full battery vary based upon strap quality, specification, set tension, set sealing time, operation habits, ambient environment and tensioning distance.

    ZXT12 for 12mm PET/PP strap

    ZXT16 for 16mm PET/PP strap

    ZXT19 for 19mm PET/PP strap

    Includes 18V Li-ion battery and charger

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