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    BP555 Tegrabond® High Capacity Electronic Tape Dispenser

    The BP555 automatically dispenses pre-moistened lengths of Tegrabond® plain and reinforced water activated tape.

    It has colour coded keys pre-set for popular tape lengths from 145 – 150mm and 12.7mm increments up to 3050mm. It can also dispense pre-set tape length configurations for complete carton seal sequences.

    Features and benefits of the BP555 Tegrabond® High Capacity Electronic Tape Dispenser :

    • Repeat function dispenses same pre-set length automatically as previous length removed from dispenser
    • Optional TA2000 tape aerial holds tape length upright and prevents it curling
    • Optional BPFPS foot pedal enables hands-free on-demand operation
    • Optional AMDI measuring device automatically calculates tape length by scanning carton
    • Rugged steel frame and ABS casing
    • Minimum/maximum tape width 25-76mm
    • Maximum roll length 303mtr
    • Maximum outer roll diameter 254mm
    • Dispensing speed 1.14mtr per second
    • Integral 1.89 litre reservoir and wetting system evenly activates the adhesive across the whole tape width
    • UL listed CE and CSA certified and RoHS compliant
    • Power supply 220V
    • Shipping weight 15.4kg
    • Tape not included
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