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    Fill Air®

    Sealed Air Fill Air® AirWrap is an air packaging solution that protects durable goods. With flexible capabilities, it bridges the gap between traditional void fill and air cushioning packaging solutions.

    Designed to run on Sealed Air’s Fill-Air Rocket platform, AirWrap is the latest addition to the Sealed Air Fill-Air® family of air pillows and inflatables, which are designed to meet the packaging needs of any business.

    Sealed Air Fill Air® is available in three sizes: 8″ x 3″. 10″ x 3″, and 12″ x 3″.

    Sealed Air Fill Air Applications:

    • Product separation.
    • Blocking and bracing.
    • Carton lining.
    • Product wrapping.
    • Lightweight cushioning.
    • Product interleaving.
    • Limited void fill.