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    Poly Coated Kraft Paper

    Poly Coated Kraft Paper is pure kraft paper with a polyethylene coating. An environmentally-friendly alternative to waxed or bituminised paper, Poly Coated Kraft Paper is an ideal wrapping paper, as it moulds well to the shape of packaged goods

    Key Features

    • Sealable, waterproof packaging for export goods
    • Lining for packing cases and carrier boxes
    • Ideal for wrapping coils, rods, pipes and other components which are greased or moisture sensitive
    • Can be used as a thin, lightweight moisture barrier
    • Provides reliable protection against dirt and moisture
    • Can be labelled, printed or glued directly


    • Supplied as standard 100 cm rolls
    • Narrow rolls, bags, box inserts/covers and pre-cut parts available on request