What Type of Packaging is Recyclable?

31st July 2020

What is Recyclable Packaging?

Recycling is the process of converting used materials into something new that can be used again, keeping products away from landfills for longer. In essence, recyclable packaging is made from materials that can be successfully recycled into new products after use.

Using recyclable materials helps to minimise the use of new resources and therefore reduce the volume of carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere, with carbon emissions ultimately resulting in an increased carbon footprint and contributing to global warming. Most people use some form of packaging daily and consumers are continuously looking for alternative ways to reduce the use of packaging materials on the environment.

Different countries across the world have different legislations regarding recyclable products which manufacturers need to be aware of if they are shipping products overseas. For example, when shipping packaged products into India, some states insist that polythene is printed with a statement indicating its level of recyclability.

What Types of Packaging are Recyclable?

Nearly all types of plastic products can be recycled, particularly polyethylene products – either low density (LDPE), high density (HDPE) or polypropylene. We stock a variety of polyethylene products including a range of bags, centre fold sheeting and lay flat tubing.

All paper-based packaging products such as cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes, paper tape and paper void fill, can be recycled, even if they are used in combination with each other. For example, paper tape on cardboard boxes. Many cardboard boxes already use a combination of recycled paper and virgin paper.

Metal-based packaging products can also be recycled, particularly products made from aluminium or steel which are the most common types of metal used. For example, oscillated, mill and ribbon wound steel strapping products. Aluminium is also often used in the food and drink industry for products such as aluminium cans and foil.

There are limits to how many times some materials can be recycled. For example, standard plastics and paper can usually be recycled only a few times before they become unusable, whereas aluminium can be recycled endlessly.

What are the Benefits of Recyclable Packaging?

There has never been more of a demand for eco-friendly packaging materials, due to the continuous rise in global temperature. Using recyclable packaging products and processes can have a positive impact on the environment. It reduces the total consumption of heavy-energy resources, therefore less greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint.

Using recyclable packaging helps organisations to build and establish a more positive reputation and brand image, as it communicates to consumers that they care about the environment, as well as portraying that they employ responsible business practices. As a result, these organisations may appeal to a wider audience, in turn driving more sales and attracting more repeat custom.

Investing in recyclable packaging materials can also have economic benefits, as it can help to reduce the amount of yearly waste tax paid by organisations. At Taylor Packaging we are regulated by Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations and so are our customers. This means that at the end of each year we are required to calculate how much waste materials we have produced, which then corresponds to how much waste tax we are required to pay. Therefore, using recyclable materials in your packaging can help to reduce the amount of waste materials used and the amount of waste tax paid.

In addition to this, to encourage the use of more recyclable materials in the UK, in April 2022 the government are introducing a new Plastic Packaging Tax which will require all plastic products to contain at least 30% recycled material. Any materials that contain less than this will be taxed depending on the volume of the material produced. Therefore, investing in more recycled plastic materials will also help to reduce environmental taxes.

At Taylor Packaging we supply our clients with a range of eco-friendly packaging solutions, including recyclable packaging products, and guide them towards implementing more sustainable packaging processes. We are committed to enhancing packaging processes that are consistent with emerging environmental requirements, this is enforced by our ISO9001 and Environmental 14001 accreditations.

Find out more about the eco-friendly packaging products we supply here.

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