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    Calcium Chloride Blankets

    Cargosorb Blanket is a desiccant product which can also be used in heavily loaded containers with little clearance, thanks to its flat shape. The calcium chloride and modified starch mixture binds up to 6 litres of moisture per blanket. By using Cargosorb Blanket, you effectively prevent moisture damage such as fermentation, mildew, the swelling of your packaging and the loosening of label adhesives. By using Cargosorb Blanket, you also prevent the formation of a corrosive environment in containers.

    Cargosorb desiccant protects moisture-sensitive cargo by reducing the relative humidity in the container space. Cargosorb Blanket is designed for applications in which the cargo is placed directly against the container wall and laterally mounted desiccant products cannot breathe. Under such circumstances, Cargosorb Blanket is placed directly on the goods to be protected in order to save space. While a waterproof lower surface made of PE film protects the cargo against moisture, a water-vapour-permeable upper surface made of non-woven fabric facilitates direct moisture absorption.

    The inside of the blanket contains a combination of calcium chloride and starch, which is evenly distributed in numerous individual bags. There, the granulate mixture binds up to 6 litres of moisture and transforms it into a non-leaking gel mass. Adhesive dots also help affix the blanket in place and prevent it from slipping.

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